Doug Wilson interviewing Mark Driscoll

Doug Wilson talks to Mark Driscoll in regard to a recent blogosphere “dustup,” as he puts it. Yours truly was one who blogged on it. I don’t know if Doug Wilson encountered my little efforts along the way, but he uses some of the same imagery as I do in his title: Trying to Talk About This Without Throwing Chum in the Water. (Mine was Jaws).

Anyway the video is a worthwhile half hour of discussion between Cessationist Wilson and Continuatinist Driscoll, demonstrating the needed balance in this whole area. Driscoll gets to use some of his standard funny lines and gives, I think, some very good answers (and I think, reassuring ones).

A few high points:

Driscoll to Wilson: “When we hang out it’s hard for the bloggers to know which one is the controversial one.”

Driscoll recounts how God spoke four things to him long ago: agoMarry Grace, preach the Bible, plant churches, train men. All of which he did and does.

Wilson on prophecy vs the Scriptures. He gets it: “You test in a way that you don’t test the Bible.”

Driscoll to Wilson, on one particular episode: “You’re a Charismatic in denial.”

Driscoll on balance: “If you have the Charismatic, untethered, no brakes, you end up in demonism and spiritual abuse.  If you have Cessationism, untethered, no breaks, you end up in rationalism and deism.”

Driscoll also clarifies one of the stories from the controversial video, regarding revelation of physical abuse.

Doug Wilson Interviews Mark Driscoll | Part II – Spiritual Gifts & Cessationism from Canon Wired on Vimeo.


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