Who Are the Ones Gifted by the Holy Spirit?

by Scott

There was a recent article posted over at the Gospel Coalition on the gifts of the Spirit being given to all God’s people. The author of the article, Juan Sanchez, states:

Paul continues to undermine the basis for the boasting of the pneumatics (i.e., those who think they are spiritual because of the manifestation of spectacular gifts) by reminding them that All who have the Spirit are also gifted with gifts of the Spirit: charismata.

He quotes Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 12:7,11 to show such. Sanchez goes on to exclaim:

In other words, no one has any basis upon which to boast about spiritual giftedness, because each Christian not only has the Spirit but also has spiritual gifts (charismata). This was, after all, part of the promise of the new covenant (Acts 2:39) – that ALL God’s people would manifest the Holy Spirit:

Thus, a challenge, a rather good one, is presented near the end of the article:

So, if you are a Christian, you are gifted by the Spirit for ministry! Do you believe that? If so, then serve! We are not to be consumers; consumerism is contrary to the gospel and contrary to the Spirit’s work in us. May the Lord forgive us for our American evangelical McChurches, where we invite people to “sit back, relax and enjoy the show.”

Click here to read the full article.


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