New Series on Gifts of the Spirit at Scot McKnight’s Blog

by Scott

Over at Scot McKnight’s blog, Jesus Creed, a new series has just begun by guest blogger, T. He begins his first article with these words:

As many regulars here know, I (“T”) believe God still heals (in every sense), still speaks to us and through us in a variety of ways, and generally does all the amazing things we see Jesus and his followers doing in the New Testament.  In a nutshell, I believe that the gifts of the Spirit are still being given as part of God’s continuing gospel work and mission. There are a lot of ways we could discuss the topic here, but for this series, I’m going to share stories—personal stories—and then discuss them.

He, then, goes on to share how God had given one lady a public tongue and another lady the interpretation of the tongue. The interpretation was, ‘I’m leading you into my freedom, and it’s through honesty.’

This message in tongues and interpretation was followed by one particular man praying for another specific man, the prayer being deeply emotional with lots of tears from the pray-er.

In the end, the message in tongues (with interpretation) and the time of prayer for the one particular man led to the man’s confession later that evening of leading an affair-filled, double life. Through deep repentance and counsel, the man repented before fully after being reminded in counsel that he had to be completely honest with her.

Remember the tongue and interpretation that had come – ‘I’m leading you into my freedom, and it’s through honesty.’ You can see how God weaved that whole account together to free this man through honesty.

A beautiful, edifying and God-glorifying story of the gift of tongues and interpretation.

You can read the full article here.


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