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Of Course, the Ministry of Jesus Continues


by Scott

It’s a loaded statement to claim apostles still exist today. That’s what I claimed in my most recent post. But the very unique thing is that my first argument is not simply quoting 2 or 3 verses as proof, and dealing with a few verses from those who believe such a ministry would not exist today. In all, the claim that apostolic ministry continues today, I believe, should be based in Jesus – who he is, what his ministry was about.

And that’s where I ground it. It’s founded in the centre of the Christian faith – Christ himself. Think of it this way: Continue reading


The Full Christ Needed Today

christ & church

by Scott

One of my favourite passages in all of Scripture is found in Ephesians. Actually, Ephesians, though smaller as compared to other portions of Scripture, carries a very significant role in explaining some of the greater and more ‘cosmic’ concepts of the work of God. This small letter packs in much wisdom and revelation.

And one passage I really enjoy pondering is found in 4:7-16. It, too, is filled with rich aspects in regards to the purpose of God in Christ for the new covenant age that dawned so long ago. Though a bit of a lengthier passage, here are the words from the NIV: Continue reading

Podcast – The Need for Apostolic Ministry Today


by Scott

Here is my most recent podcast episode at Prodigal Thought Podcast.

In particular, this podcast looks at a topic dear to my heart – the need for apostles, or apostolic ministry, today. I not only discuss some passages of Scripture, but the central reason why apostolic ministry is needed – because of who Jesus is.

Listen to or download the podcast episode below (24:38 in length). Continue reading

Apostles: More Than the 12 and Paul


by Scott

Apostles today? No way, jose! They died out a long time ago, with the passing of John.

I’ve written plenty in the past on the ministry of the apostle, but it’s been quite some time. So I thought I might revisit a few things. I adamantly believe this ministry is necessary today. Of course, God doesn’t need our appointing of apostles (or prophets) to get the work done. Many of folk have never been appointed direct pastoral or teaching ministries, yet they’ve still practically functioned in these roles, for the building up of Christ’s body. And I’d say the same is true with apostles (and prophets).

You see, when most people think of apostles, I believe they only envision the 12 and Paul. Some might remember that the word apostle sits next to both Barnabas’s and James’s names in the New Testament. But they were exceptional cases.

Why exceptional?

I think this is because we can easily identify an apostle as a writer of New Testament Scripture. Of course, we know that not all of the New Testament was penned by apostles. But we are at least ok with it because we, then, identify them as associates of those first apostles. Their source was one of the 12 that walked with Jesus himself. Continue reading

If Apostles Exist Today, How Does That Play Out?

by Scott

It’s time to finish up this series on ‘apostles today’ at To Be Continued. You can review the previous articles by clicking on this link. I will also look to post a PDF document that will contain the whole series in one place. That might be easier for people to access if they would like to engage with me on this topic.

Still, as a summary, my major premise has been mainly four-fold:

  1. Christ was the greatest apostle to ever exist. We might not have thought of him as an apostle, but he was.
  2. The Holy Spirit was sent in Christ’s stead to continue the exact same work he began. Thus, the Spirit of God is an apostolic Spirit.
  3. Christ, by his Spirit, has empowered the church to be all of Christ in all of the earth.
  4. Thus, Jesus desires to have both an apostolic body as a whole and continue to gift specific people in apostolic ministry.

As I progressed through the series, there were 3 specific sub-issues that I hit on:

  1. Apostles in New Testament Scripture
  2. Objections to the existence of apostles today
  3. What an apostle actually is

I addressed the first 2 above in quite a thorough manner. But now it’s time to move on to the third. Hence, this final article on what an apostle actually is.

As a forerunner, you might be interested in this very practical post on what should be true in the lives of all leaders within the church (over at my personal blog, The Prodigal Thought). Apostles, or shepherds for that matter, do not have some ‘position’ or ‘title’. Rather, they have a ministry to serve the body by equipping it to be all that Christ would have it be.

Now I move on to highlight seven summary points about apostles. Continue reading