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Interaction With Michael Patton – PDF Document

by Scott

For those who have recently visited To Be Continued, you will notice that, yesterday, Marv and I completed our eight-part series interacting with Michael Patton’s own series entitled, “Why I’m Not Charismatic”. Michael Patton is head of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries, which offers many such things as The Theology Program, Parchment & Pen blog, and the Theologica discussion network. Marv and I are regular interactors with both his blog and Theologica.

If one is interested, they can view the full series of Michael Patton by clicking here, or you can download a PDF document of the series by clicking here.

For those interested, you can read our eight posts here at To Be Continued or you can download our PDF document by clicking on the link here – Response to Michael Patton’s “Why I’m Not Charismatic”.


Michael Patton on Why He Is Not a Charismatic

by Scott

Michael Patton of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries, and the blog Parchment & Pen, has recently re-posted his full series entitled, Why I Am Not A Charistmatic. Patton is not anti-charismatic, but would rather call himself a de-facto cessationist. This means that, because he has never really experienced what he believes is true prophecy or healings or miracles, it has thus led him to be a default cessationist.

You can also download the full 22-page PDF file from the posted article. This might be a good series for Marv and I to interact with in the near future. So check it out over at Parchment & Pen.

You can also find a couple of different blogs which are currently interacting with the series. The blog New Leaven has put up two articles thus far: part 1 and part 2. Also, you can read a few comments at the blog Near Emmaus.