Michael Patton on Why He Is Not a Charismatic

by Scott

Michael Patton of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries, and the blog Parchment & Pen, has recently re-posted his full series entitled, Why I Am Not A Charistmatic. Patton is not anti-charismatic, but would rather call himself a de-facto cessationist. This means that, because he has never really experienced what he believes is true prophecy or healings or miracles, it has thus led him to be a default cessationist.

You can also download the full 22-page PDF file from the posted article. This might be a good series for Marv and I to interact with in the near future. So check it out over at Parchment & Pen.

You can also find a couple of different blogs which are currently interacting with the series. The blog New Leaven has put up two articles thus far: part 1 and part 2. Also, you can read a few comments at the blog Near Emmaus.


2 responses to “Michael Patton on Why He Is Not a Charismatic

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